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It’s been a pleasure to read such a good article post by Jon Negroni with title The Pixar Theory. Honestly, i’m a great fan of Pixar movies either. I also kinda agree about the theory that presented  by Jon Negroni on his own website. But, after a little research i come out with my own theory that result every Pixar movies are connected each other (maybe most of the fans kinda agree with this statement). The problem is, we don’t know the timeline of all the movies and maybe most of you don’t know the easter eggs of all the Pixar movies. First, lets make a list of all the Pixar movies:

  • Toy Story Trilogy
  • A Bug’s Life
  • Finding Nemo
  • The Incredible
  • Ratatouille
  • Cars
  • Wall-e
  • Brave
  • Monster Inc.
  • Monster University
  • Up

To make it easier, I will divide the timelines into 3 categories: Past, Present and Future



From these movies, I put Brave in Past categories due the facts that this movies take place in a Scottish Kingdom during the Dark Age. Merida, the main character believe that magic will solve all the problems she had. We also find out that this magic things comes from an odd witch seemingly connected to the mysterious will-of-the-wisps.


We also learn that this witch inexplicably disappears every time she passes through doors, leading us to believe that she may not even exist. “Disappears every time she passes through doors”. Remember something? There will be a big surprise wait you ahead about this witch.


There are many movies that I put in this categories which are Toy Story Trilogy, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredible, Ratatouille and Up. Why I come out with the ideas that all these movies that I mention above are in present time? The Planet Pizza is the answer.


After seeing that picture, it will leave a big question mark in your head. Let me guess, it’s all about the Planet Pizza in Cars and Monster Inc. isn’t it? I will explain about that later in a different section. As you can see, the Planet Pizza Cars shown in Toy Story Trilogy, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille that show that all these four movies are in the same era. Agree with that statement? Now let’s go to see another hints.


Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear can be seen in Up in the corner of a child’s room as the balloons pass by her window. It show that Up and Toy Story Trilogy live in the same era. Not yet satisfied?


When Ellie gives Carl a bottle cap in Up, it belongs to the same brand of grape soda that can be seen in Buzz Lightyear’s advertising in Toy Story. Still not satisfied?


It seems that Toy Story‘s Andy knows – or is related to – Up‘s Carl and Ellie, as a postcard from them can be seen on top of his dresser. That’s clearly written “Carl and Ellie”. Satisfy enough? Good. Now let’s move to another hints that connected the movies above.


Supervillain Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles appears in the background of Ratatouille as a mime. I don’t know what do you think about this one, but the face and the body shape of the mime and the Bomb Voyage is actually is the same! Coincidence?


As a young boy waits in the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo, he is clearly reading a Mr.Incredible comic. There is a clear picture in the cover of that comic that represent the Mr.Incredible itself which is a big “i” in his chest. There is also one hint that show that all these movies are in one era.


It’s clearly show that Heimlich from A Bug’s Life climbing on a branch in Toy Story 2 before Buzz Lightyear pushes past him. You can see this scene in the bloopers in Toy Story 2. Here’s the link btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWclgyyIfUs&feature=player_embedded . Your welcome.

But all this movies leave a big question, why all these things can talk? Is there any relation with the mutation itself? And I found this theory called “Parallel Universe”. Parallel Universe itself refer to many things like in:

  • Science, parallel universe (multiverse) is the hypothetical set of multiple universe
  • Philosophy, parallel universe is a possible world that construct in metaphysics to bring rigor to talk of logical possibility
  • Fiction, parallel universe is an alternative universe, worlds, realities and dimension in fiction

I think that explanation good enough to answer the question about the talk-things. But in general, every species had their own language that we don’t know. Its like we see a dog that bark each other. We don’t know what their talking about, or what their arguing to. Now lets move to the last categories


As we know, there are only 4 movies (3 actually) that left from the list, which are Cars, Wall-e and Monster Inc. The future era is the most complicated because it has 2 place taken in this era which are inner universe and outer universe. As we can see, in the future era there are no human left except the one who living on Axiom and the one that the monster meet after pass through the doors.

Buy n Large is the answer due the extinction of the human populations on earth.  This company is guilty for polluting the earth just to expanding to city. In the commercial from the movie also, we’re told that BnL has even taken over the world governments. From one of my source, it said that BnL already achieved global dominance. Here’s the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIq0F3sZQFw . Your welcome.

From the greediness of Buy n Large, human population must travel on the Axiom to continue their lives. Regarding to Wall-e movies said that earth is now an unfit planet for humans and animals (except the cockroach that live with Wall-e). That’s the reason why in this era there are no longer human live on earth. But how about human in Monster Inc? Well.. we will talk about that later

Back to the topic, the reason why I put Wall-e, Cars and Monster Inc in the future era beside the reason that there is no human living on earth is there are any hints that left from the movies. Yes!

Buy and Large in Wall-e

The first picture show you the Buy n Large in Wall-e era which is in the future. It also show the damage from pollution that created by the Buy n Large and also show that earth is unfit planet to living for humans and animals. While the second picture show you the connection about Wall-e and Toy Story Trilogy which is the batteries that power Buzz Lightyear (as seen in Toy Story 3) have a BNL logo on them – a reference to Buy N Large, the company that controls all government services in Wall-E. It prove that the movies still in one dimension but in a difference era.

Do you see a green dinosaur between these pinball? Yes! That a hint either! That is Rex from Toy Story Trilogy  that can be seen among Wall-e’s collected junk. As a coward dinosaur, I think he is hiding for something. Or wait till his friend can be found.

Here is the famous Planet Pizza Car in the whole Pixar Universe. It shows that these car already in a bad condition due the state of the earth and it probably had been abandoned for a long time. But its been a pleasure to find this car again in the Pixar movies.

Another hint that prove that Wall-e is in a future era in Pixar universe. Did you see that scooter? Is that familiar to you? Yes! That the scooter that Chef Skinner rides in Ratatouille. It’s seen pretty prominently in Ratatouille – when Skinner is chasing after Remy – so it’s a hard vehicle to forget, and yet seen here amongst the dirt and rubbish? It just looks like any other hunk of junk.

How about Cars and Monster Inc? Here’s the hints

Did you see the poster on the wall? A poster of a ‘normalised’ Finn McMissile – the British spy from Cars 2 – can be seen hanging up in Andy’s room in Toy Story 3. Actually there are many pic about the normalised car from Cars in any Pixar movies. If it doesn’t give any prove to you, doesn’t matter for me. Here are the original prove that Cars is in the future era.

Are you familiar with these logos? Yes! That’s the logo from Cars! Dinoco! But have you seen these logos in another Pixar movies? I don’t think so.

The first picture show you about the original Dinoco logo in Toy Story Trilogy. Its a prove that Dinoco logo itself had change from the present era into the future era. Why i assume that the Dinoco logo in Toy Story Trilogy is the same with the Dinoco in Cars because Dinoco had similarities in its business field which is automotive. In Toy Story Trilogy, Dinoco is a small petrol station , but is also the sponsor of the Piston Cup in Cars. The name and logo can also be seen on a lighter in Wall-E. I assume that the lighter itself is just a kind of merchandise from Dinoco.

Besides, I also found that there is any relation between Cars and Ratatouille. Maybe some of you already know about this one, but maybe some of you doesn’t.

I know that you already ask in you mind about how all the cars can talk and act like normal human. Well, let’s back to The Incredible to answer these question. Had you remember this things?

Its make me think about 2 theories about how the cars can act like a normal human. For me, I consider the second theories but that doesn’t matter. Any theories that you choose won’t change the movies at all.

  1. In the future, all the machine that have artificial intelligence gone rogue just like the Omnidroid did in The Incredible. or
  2. All the machine that have artificial intelligence or not had been abandoned in earth due the earth condition that not suitable for human or animals to live like the Wall-e’s feel in Wall-e.

Do you still remember about inner universe and outer universe? or the theory of parallel universe itself? If you doesn’t remember any, I suggest you to reread about these theories above because when we discuss about Monster Inc, we will use all of these theories. Now, please welcome all the monster! Rawwrr~

There are no exact place that suitable for the monster to live on earth or in our inner universe. Back to the parallel universe theory, the monster have their own place (it’s called Monstropolis) in our outer universe. There are also a few hints that show the relation about Monster Inc  and the other Pixar movies. The only hints that show the relation about our world and their world is their need human as the source of their energy. Although they are in a different dimension, but thanks to the magic door that can connect them to the human world to ‘farm’ their energy.

The only connection about Monster Inc and the other Pixar Movies is Boo (the cute little girl) and the scene when Randall is sent via a magic door.

If you look carefully, then you will see Jesse from Toy Story Trilogy in the first picture. When Boo returns home at the end of Monsters, Inc, she gives Sulley a doll of Nemo. But you can see on the table, there is Jessie from Toy Story 2. So it also can consider that the door not only connect you with the other dimension, but you also can time travel through it. While in second picture, you will see Randall in the right trailer. Actually its a trailer that looks newer than the trailer in the A Bug’s Life on the left side. The reason why i said that the magic door also can time travel, because the era of A Bug’s Life and Toy Story Trilogy is exactly the same. You can see my point by seeing the bloopers in Toy Story 2. If its an exactly the same era, then why the trailer where Randall sent via the magic door seems newer? Time travel is the answer.

Boo also shown in Toy Story 3 as one of the girls playing in the Butterfly Room at Sunnyside DaycareI assume that the difference time between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 around 6-9 years. Its enough time to wait Andy’s graduation and Boo’s growth, isn’t it?

Now the shocking part that maybe most of you doesn’t know the fact behind this. As I said earlier, there are a big surprise about the witch in the Brave movie. What if I say that the witch is a little Boo that have obsession to find her old friend, Sully by using magic that she found herself? Interesting?

The theory is, Boo already know how to make a time travel but she lack of resources and knowledge to make a time travel into a different dimension (just like the magic door from Monster Inc.)? As we know, at her age, the resource in earth is nearly exhausted. Yeah, thanks to BnL once more. Because of that, so she must go back to the dark age to gather the resources and to strengthen her magic skill. Its a general knowledge that dark age is the era of every powerful magic. Seems hard to believe but it’s true. Here’s the hints:

In the first picture, you will see (again) the Planet Pizza car that carved as a wooden toy in her shop which make no sense if she can build one without seen one before. Just to remind you, Planet Pizza car always shown in every single Pixar movies in the present era (the era where boo’s spend her youth). In marketing theory, it called top of mind. Where you always see / hear or feel one thing gradually, then you will always remember that things. And the other wooden toy seems like the famous sculpture, The Thinker. Coincidence?

And here is a big shocking fact about the relation about the witch (old Boo) and Sully from Monster Inc. Have you already found Sully sculpture in the second picture? If not, then I will give you the picture about these sculptures

Yes! It was Sully! and it is an evidence that the witch in Brave is Boo in the Monster Inc.! I don’t know what do you think, but it makes all the new Pixar movies will be interesting because they are connected each other. About the timeline itself, I assume that

  1. Brave (1469 – 1604, the year when dark age happen)
  2. A Bug’s Life (1931 – 2010, year of incessant creation sky crapper in the western)
  3. Toy Story Trilogy (1931 – 2010, the same reason)
  4. Up (1931 – 2010, the same reason)
  5. Ratatouille (1931 – 2010, the same reason)
  6. The Incredible (1931 – 2010, the same reason)
  7. Finding Nemo (1931 – 2010, the same reason)
  8. Cars (2105 – 2561, due the global warming that will make all human travel on Axiom on 2105)
  9. Wall-e (2105 – 2950, the year when Axiom exploring space http://pixar.wikia.com/Axiom)
  10. Monster Inc (undefined)

Finally, it is the end about the theory of Pixar Universe. In general, all movies from Pixar is related each others. There are still many fun facts about Pixar and their movies. You can open all the source that i give to know more about Pixar movies. At the end, if you have anything that you want to ask or correct, don’t hesitate to comment me or anything you want. Thanks for reading!

source: totalfilm.com

references: jonnegroni.com


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