Innovate SBM ITB

It can often be difficult to come up with new ideas when you’re trying to develop or improve a product or service. This is where creative brainstorming techniques like SCAMPER can help. With this technique, we’ll try to innovate SBM ITB to be a better one.

Substitute : Change the learning method from class method to online class method

Combine : Using skype so the lecturers and student can consul anywhere and also all the learn save by video and post in youtube so the students can learn from there also

Adapt : Lecturer can use E-book

Modify : The library can be improve to be more fun so the students love to kill their time inside

Put to other uses : SBM campus not only the place to learn, but as recreational place also

Eliminate : Students can learn from home instead coming to class for absent

Reverse : The canteen can be self-service so the price will be decrease



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