Assignment – Creative Company

“What is the most creative company? Why?”

Many people usually answer Apple or Google that will be the most creative company in the world. Yes, that is true. They are the most creative company in the world, in technology bases. But for me, the most creative company in the world will be Walt Disney


As we know, Walt Disney is a company that known as the leader in the American animation Industry before their expanded their company into film production, television, amusement park and others. Then, why i choose Walt Disney as the most creative company of mine? Related to my latest post “Creative Figures“, the reason why i choose this company because they can make us to enter their fantasy imaginary world. What would the world be if there is no Walt Disney? What would be your childhood dreams if there is no Mickey Mouse and others? Everything will feel flat. There is also possibility that Walt Disney is the role model of any creative company nowadays because this company had been established on October 16, 1923. Maybe i cant build my own Walt Disney like Walt and Roy Disney, but i will make something else that will be useful then spreading the happiness and goodness to the world.



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