Purple panther

Muh.Dendy Syafardan

You are Purple Panther who shows flexibility to new ideas and new things.
Even if you get much older, you will possess youthful ideals and beliefs, and will keep on challenging energetically.
You can be friendly with anyone, but are not very good at expressing yourself.
You don’t know how to express your feelings properly.
So the way you talk tend to be rather abrupt, and gives an impression of being intrusive.
But, really, you want to try and understand each another by conversation.
You act according to your sense and inspiration.
You think you are very theoretical and reasonable, but those around you do not think so.
If you work under a boss who is narrow-minded, you will be realized as a very capricious person, and your strong points will be difficult to be drawn out.
You are very quick witted person, and can handle situation with smartness and flexibility.
But this dexterity may be seen as a person who is affable to everybody and anybody.
You possess unlimited possibility for your future dreams.
You will not give up something that you have started, and have a strong will power.
You would be successful if you believe in your foresight, and start your own business, rather than work as a member of an organization.

sources: world.doubutsu-uranai.com


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