Assignment – Creative Figures

“Why do we need to be creative?”

In my opinion, being creative is very important. Not only for solving a problem with an effective way, but also in unusual way. Creative people in general do something out of the box. They can make their idea more brilliant and impress the others with unusual thinking. From what i see, creative people can look very easy and tend to forget their duty. But when they are required to do something, they can be very responsible and discipline with it.

Besides that, creative people often looks like a strange even crazy people. Why? Because they always thinking what happen in their imagination or fantasy could be happen in real world too. That’s why creative people always look eccentric with everything. Creative people also will be both introvert and extrovert. They can be very introvert when they are seriously thinking about what will they do and how to grow their idea of thinking then keep it by himself. But they will be very extrovert when they express their feeling or their idea of thinking.

From what i said before, being creative people is very important because;

  • We always faced a problem in our life. Usually, when life doesn’t give us some option to solve our problem, we must make our own option. And for being creative people, we can create our creative idea to solve our problem that we had encounter. “When life gives you lemon, made lemonade
  • Creative people never give up because they always come with an creative solution while they faces their own problem in life.
  • In business, competition is a must. We have to face same products that we are selling. With a creative thinking, we can added some value in our products that will make us stay ahead than the others.

Who is the most creative figures? Why?”

Everyone could be a creative figures. But for me, my creative figures is Eiichiro Oda. Not everyone know him, but maybe everyone know about his manga, One Piece.

From many creative figures like Madonna, Steve Jobs, Moose and others, i choose Eiichiro Oda because i respect him. He can share his imagination and fantasy to all of us while we could enter his imagination either. From what i read, One Piece plot is very creative. Their side character will come in the future plot too. Not like other manga that not represented their side character in the future plot. Besides that, what make me respect him too is every name that he use in his manga had their own meanings and some of them based on facts. I wont be a manga artist like him, but i will be a creative person like him that can share their imagination with the others while the others can enjoy and wander in their imagination world.



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