Assignment – Whats my name?

Hi, my name is Muh.Dendy Syafardan. In Creativity and Innovation class, i had an homework (or we can called it blogwork) to explain about my name creatively. Surely sure it sounds unimportant for you but its really important for my grade. So let me tell you why my name is Muh.Dendy Syafardan not Satria Putra Adam nor Muhammad Yusuf Ayyub.

I’ll divide the explanation of my name in to 3 part;

  • Muh“. Muh stands for Muhammad SAW. Everybody know Muhammad as a prophet from Islam. he also my role model in every action that i take. But why my parents gives “Muh” to my name? Because my parents want me to be like him. They want me to be an individual which has traits like Siddiq (honest), Amanah (responsible) and Fatanah (smart, intelligent and wise).
  • Dendy“. Based in, “Dandy” is a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined languages and leisurely hobbies. Honestly, what was written was showing me. But, that is not the reason why my parents give “Dendy” to my name. My father nickname is Denny and my mother nickname is Diana. If you combine my father and my mother nickname, there will be a “Dendy”. So my names came from my parents nickname that also show how they love each other + me (hopefully)
  • Syafardan“. This name take from an artist in “Catatan Si Boy Pertama“. My parents really like that artist. His full name is Ongki Alexander Syafardan. Based on my mother say, Ongki is a handsome artist in his era. besides that, “Syafardan” is take from month in Hijri calendar which is Syafar.

To make my name more creative , i’ll split my nickname “Dendy” into a letter that representing my character.

  • D” Dandy! Like my name, i’m a man who think physical appearance is very importance. I can waste my 5 minutes just to think about what shoes that i want to use today. “5 minutes”
  • E” Energic! I have a strong and a great power. I can encourage you wherever you are and i can do whatever i want. “whatever i want”.
  • N” Noob! I’m a noob, newbie or you can say newcomer. That represent that i don’t know everything, but i willing to learn anything. “anything”
  • D” Dare! I’m dare to be different. Why dare? Because entrepreneurs do. And i’m an entrepreneurs. hopefully
  • Y” Y must so serious? I’m a man with a good sense of humor. HA HA!

That’s all my explanation about my name. Any constructive criticism gladly accepted.


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